Mitchel ТУК ТУК ТУК ♫ 2020

Mitchel ТУК ТУК ТУК ♫ 2020
Mitchel ТУК ТУК ТУК ♫ 2020
Mitchel ТУК ТУК ТУК ♫ 2020
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Mitchel ТУК ТУК ТУК ♫ 2020

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Скачать песню [Verse 1: Benny the Butcher]
Ay, look
They understand I paint these pictures ‘cause I‘m living like it
When I spit, it makes you feel like you got hit with lightning (Uh huh)
I showed up with the whole shipment when my script was biting
Before 20, they put my name in a big indictment
My plug indecisive, same work, different prices, yeah
Baby Benz logo on the windshield wipers
And I got two possession charges for a pistol license
Weed trappers running out they building when I get to Dyckman
We blew whip money copping blue ice (Ice)
And spent brick money booking Jet Blue flights (Flights)
New white Christian Loubs with the blue spikes (Uh huh)
Maserati Levante with the blue lights, yeah (Blue lights)
Duffle in my trunk, bad on the wheel bearing (On my wheel bearing)
My dog came with 50 large to my bail hearing (Yeah)
The pot bust in 2010 and I can still hear it
I love my mom, but that hard was my real parent (Woo!)
Let‘s go, who run the city the most? (That‘s us)
I let this 50 off, then fill this bitch up with smoke (Brrrr!)
I ran my chips up so I can just pick up your ho
I get my dick sucked and then I convince her to go
Uh, it‘s me, fully loaded ratchet, I‘m a pistol squeezer
I take off my jacket, see this big El Nino
With my bitch, jumping out of traffic in a little Beamer
Got the opps‘ names tatted on my trigger finger, AH!

[Verse 2: Westside Gunn]
Ayo, bricks in the Louis V duffle, masterpiece collection (Ayo, ayo)
Yoppa shells hit his ass from each direction (Ayo, ayo)
The niggas that you idolize, I‘m least impressed with (Ayo, ayo)
I got your bitch on the bus looking like she pregnant
Peru flake got me Dior Homme low tops, rose drop (Skr)
13 gauge with the nose chopped, stove top (Boom boom boom boom boom)
My shooter come over, sniff out the whole block (The whole block)
Hand me 5 locks, load up the whole shot (The whole shot)
Had to spend 60 in the SHU, 23 in 1, 500 burps all I knew
First day, anyway, I go "Nigga, who is who?"
Get my gun ready, filled up my locker and I‘m bool (Ah)
Turkey logs and my fried rice
Skip my spot at the microwave, you gon‘ die tonight (Ah)
055, nigga (055, nigga)
Rest in peace Scoop, free Sly, nigga (Free Sly, nigga)

[Verse 3: Conway the Machine]
It‘s the Machine, they act like they forgot (Hah)
I‘m ‘bout to hit ‘em with that fatal shot, I leave him laying in a vacant lot
Try to take my chain, you just gon‘ take a shot (That‘s all you gon‘ get, nigga)
I take a block and whip the shit, I scrape the pot (With what?)
More shooters on my team than what the Lakers got (Hah)
Cee-lo gains, bank was stopped, I throw trips, take the pot (Hahahaha)
Ha, I‘m on top, you ain‘t gon‘ take my spot (Never)
I bet all of this paper in this Maison box (You know them Margiela sticks)
You better have something to fire with you
I fire missiles, leave you bleeding like a lion bit you (Uh huh)
Fuck you and them niggas riding with you (Fuck all y‘all niggas)
I‘m here to terrorize the game, .45 on me, I‘m Spider Mitchell (Hah hah)
I don‘t tuck my necklace, I‘ma leave it out (I‘m rocking my shit)
You say you better than me but you broke, that shit don‘t even out (You still broke though)
My young boys eating like they never seen a drought
In my trap, everybody weighing like it‘s Keenan house (Hahaha)
They say my shit is album of the year and it ain‘t even out
And yet I‘m still the one you seem to doubt, uh (Talk to ‘em)
Out in Cali, I brought the demon out (Vroom)
Riding through Calabasas, took the scenic route (Uh huh)
Bag on the back seat in case I need a house (Might want to buy a house)
With a bitch that keep tryna pull my penis out (Gotta chill, baby)
I live a hell of a life, I‘m impaling a knife
Inside a competitor just to sever and slice (Woo!)
I‘m Stephen from the stripe, I‘m better than nice
I want your necklace or your life and I ain‘t telling you twice (Run that shit)
Look, I came a long way from measuring white
I got right, flooded the Sky Dweller bezel with ice
My man shot a nigga daughter by mistake, he took a quarter
Asked him why he copped out, he said that‘s better than life

[Outro: Conway]
I feel you, nigga, Machine
You know what‘s up, nigga, haha
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